The Pilot Difference

Why Pilot School?

Challenging The Myth of Normal

Experiences in the traditional school system have often convinced children that they are failures – that they can’t learn the way ‘normal’ children learn. But who defines normal? Our normal is to change, challenge and evolve.

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Awareness and Empathy

Awareness, acceptance and empathy are embedded in our teachings, in the way teachers relate to students, and in the way students relate to each other. The understand­ing that we all learn differently is part of the bedrock of Pilot School.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

The traditional school curriculum teaches to a uniform standard, using a methodology designed to connect to specific learning styles. There is an assumption that 'one-size-fits-all' and that although some students may need to put in more effort, we all have the ability to meet these standards

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Lifelong Strategies

Decades of experience as well as innovative educational thinking continues to inform and evolve our practice, enabling us to work with new understanding and new tools that are tailored to each child.

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Upcoming Admission Events

We invite you to learn more about Pilot School during a
virtual open house. 

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April 6 at Noon - Virtual Open House

April 20 at Noon - Virtual Open House

May 4 at Noon - Virtual Open House

May 18 at Noon - Virtual Open House

June 1 at Noon - Virtual Open House


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