Planned Giving

UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL Now … and in the Future

How Investing in Pilot School’s Planned Giving Program Can Benefit You and the School

For sixty years, Pilot School has earned the confidence and generosity of hundreds of donors who have viewed their gifts as a meaningful investment in a respected and successful educational organization. Now, to assure the school’s future for another fifty years, Pilot’s leaders have developed a planned giving program that will help its friends and supporters achieve their goals of assisting Pilot School while generating tax advantages for themselves and their families.

Pilot School’s professional advisors are familiar with planned giving tools and techniques that can: * provide current income and a significant charitable gift at a later date * reduce income taxes, capital gain taxes and / or estate taxes * establish in your name a philanthropic legacy that will continue in

If you are interested in learning more about these advantages, please call the Development Department at 302-478-1740.

Please contact me with more information about Pilot's Planned Giving Program