Adaptive Physical Education

Adaptive Physical Education is offered to those students in all three divisions who may need additional one-to-one or small group developmental instruction to be successful in Physical Education class as well as in the classroom. Adaptive PE is geared to the individual child’s needs. Some students may need a smaller space and quieter atmosphere to process instruction and focus on basic skills. Others may need one-to-one time to adapt to Physical Education equipment or activities and need more individual time to practice those skills. A number of students may need to engage their bodies with heavy work or proprioceptive activity while some require and benefit from a relaxation activity

Relaxation activities can help children calm and unwind. Proprioceptive activities can improve body awareness and motor planning, as well as help students who deal with gravitational insecurity. Both relaxation and proprioceptive activity can help fill the sensory need that many children seek to regulate their nervous system or “engine.” Finding the correct mix of proprioceptive/heavy work activity and/or calming, relaxing activity that will benefit the student is the main goal of Adaptive PE Therapy. A variety of resources and strategies are used which include yoga, obstacle courses, and playground equipment.