Choices is a social skills and life skills program which is led by the school counselor and is reinforced by all staff. The goal is to help students achieve in school and life through action and goal-oriented activities that emphasize independence, self-reliance, cooperation, and responsibility.

The many facets of the Choices program include the following:

Character Education

Students learn that character “counts.” Through partner and small group activities, the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are practiced and are part of each student’s day at Pilot.

Social Responsibility

Students participate in activities that correspond to and build upon optimism and positive thinking. The emphasis is on the development of a healthy expression of feelings, compassion and cooperation, the creative resolution of conflicts, and appreciation of differences.

Student Mentoring

Social and friendship skills are developed through the “Panther Partners” program. Students of varying ages are paired or grouped together for lunch, recess, and academic support. Many opportunities are scheduled throughout the day to encourage new relationships and to reinforce skills learned.


In collaboration with the Physical Education Department, fitness is promoted by presenting the students with opportunities to be more physically active. The importance of healthy eating and living is also stressed, and the connections between proper nutrition and the benefits of being fit are explored.


Service projects are ongoing throughout the school year and benefit local charities, active military troops, veterans groups, and various children’s organizations throughout the world.

Other Programs

Additional topics presented through Choices include drug and alcohol awareness and abuse prevention, sex education, anti-bullying programs, safety and injury prevention, and self-regulation skills.