Music Therapy

The music program at the Pilot School is a unique blend of both music therapy and music education. Every student participates successfully in some form of musical expression, either in a group music session, an individual music session, or in a special music group. The music activities presented are designed to be therapeutically focused or educationally focused, depending on the needs of each individual student. A Board Certified Music Therapist provides the instruction.

Group Music Sessions

Every student takes part in a homeroom music session on a weekly basis. During these weekly group sessions, the students take part in activities which include playing instruments (guitar, keyboard, percussion, tone chimes and Orff), singing, listening to music, creating music, improvising, writing lyrics, producing music videos, and acting in drama exercises.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

In addition to attending weekly sessions, some students benefit from individual music sessions with the therapist for additional attention in either strength or challenge areas. The classroom teachers and Division Heads refer these students to the music therapist. By attending individual music sessions, children are provided with an additional resource to both challenge and strengthen skills. Individuals referred attend a weekly 30-minute session throughout the school year. Activities in these sessions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, and usually involve music therapy.

Specific Skills Music Sessions

Students participating in auditory skills groups have the opportunity to come to the music room to participate in activities that focus on auditory perception and listening skills through the use of a computerized keyboard lab. Auditory objectives include responding to auditory stimuli, as well as sharpening auditory awareness, focus, attention, discrimination, sequencing and memory skills.

Instrumental Ensemble “The Jammers”

This instrumental ensemble meets once a week after school. The ensemble consists of students who show interest in developing skill on a particular instrument. This rock/pop ensemble includes keyboards, percussion, bass and electric guitars, wind instruments, and vocalists. The group performs at school and community functions.

Stage Crew

Students who wish to take part in stage crew learn to operate sound and lighting equipment, coordinate stage props, set design and construction.