Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At Pilot, Occupational and Physical therapy are parts of a team which works to support and encourage students in their ability to participate in all aspects of school life.

The role of the child as a student encompasses many areas:

• management of physical space through body awareness and coordination
• use of tools such as pencils, scissors, zippers, protractors, and locks on lockers
• self-regulation through the use of sensory strategies in the classroom to promote optimal learning throughout the school day
• organization and management of desk area, schedule and personal belongings
• social interactions with peers
• building confidence using playground equipment
• self-esteem

Interventions are implemented in a wide variety of ways; teacher consultation for in-classroom strategies, individual/small group in the classroom, OT/PT room, or in a natural context at school, such as on the playground. Use of sensory strategies for self-regulation are encouraged and supported. Strategies may include use of a T-stool or cushion for seating. Wearing of the pressure garments or a weighted vest for self-regulation are among the tools used to provide support and feedback for self-awareness and attention, as well as, to challenge motor abilities.
The Occupational and Physical therapists work together with the Pilot School staff to promote an optimal educational experience for the student.