School Counselor

The school counselor works collaboratively with students, parents, school staff, and the community to address the academic and developmental needs of all Pilot School students. The comprehensive school counseling program, which aligns with and supports the educational mission of Pilot, provides proactive leadership. Structured lessons are designed, implemented, and maintained to help every student develop competencies in academic achievement, character and social development, and career exploration. To support the home-school connection, parent education groups are offered throughout the year to provide additional information on topics discussed in school and to present selected speakers and resources of interest.

The school counselor is an integral part of the whole school community and helps the children face challenges, whether at school or at home, that can be roadblocks to future success. Responsive services consist of prevention and intervention activities to address the students’ immediate and future needs.

The school counselor meets with students in large groups, homeroom groups, focus groups, and individually. The goal is to foster confidential relationships and to help students resolve or cope with problems and concerns. The school counselor assists in setting the tone for the development of the children’s knowledge, attitudes, and skills which contribute to their growth as healthy, competent, and confident individuals.