Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is conducted once a year for students in the Middle and Upper Divisions.

For students scheduled to transition from Pilot at the conclusion of the school year, the CTP-4 ERBs (Educational Records Bureau) may be administered during the fall depending on the requirements of the receiving schools.

Standardized testing serves two purposes:

1. It provides our students with a standardized test-taking experience. Teachers use the opportunity to teach students strategies for taking a standardized test beforehand.

2. As students develop, their progress is observable in both the scores they achieve and in the pattern of their subtest scores from year to year. The pattern of scores tends to move upward when the students’ scores are compared to their non-Pilot peers. Also, an individual’s band of scores generally tightens or shows less variability from the lowest score to the highest score over time. This is just one tool used to assess a student’s readiness for placement beyond Pilot.