Charge from the Board of Trustees to the Head of School

The Pilot School operates under intentional and clearly defined governance policies. One of the many responsibilities of our Board of Trustees is the hiring of the Head of School. In fact, the Head of School is an employee - the only one - of that Board.  In deference to that responsibility and with the school’s best interests as a guiding star, the board provides this initial guidance to the Head of School: a list of goals and objectives that serve as both a roadmap for the work ahead and a transparent framework for accountability.

This year, the community had an opportunity to take part in an inclusive process of selecting our new Head of School, so many of you have already had a chance to meet Alli Williams and have already shared with her your thoughts, desires, dreams, and vision for where Pilot is and should be.  In keeping with that community effort, the board welcomes you to read our plan for Alli’s work in the months and years ahead.

The Board of Trustees will support and charge Alli Williams to work with the Pilot School community of students, faculty, staff, parents, trustees and alumni to make progress on the following one and three year objectives:

Charges for the first 12 to 18 months

Charge 1: Get to know the faculty, staff and student body at The Pilot School. The board recognizes that it will be important for Alli to do this, and we encourage her to spend as much time as needed to become familiar with the school community and all aspects of campus life.

Charge 2: Complete the first phase of the PAIS Accreditation Self-Study. This year, Pilot has a unique opportunity to engage in a rigorous reflection process on the path to reaccreditation.  This will offer an incredible mechanism for Alli to get to know the organization and community at a granular level.

Charge 3: Using information from both the self-study and general community engagement efforts, begin the crafting of a strategic plan that reflects the directions of The Pilot School for the next generation of learners and their families. The board feels that it is important for Alli to have a hand in the authorship of this plan.

Charge 4: Build a strong enrollment management infrastructure at Pilot that strategically propels enrollment of students who fit Pilot’s mission and strengthen our community of learners.  The board recognizes that enrollment growth is vital to the sustainability of the school.

Charge 5: Spend time getting to know the broader Wilmington community. While the board feels that Alli’s primary focus is on the internal workings of the school, forging strong community partnerships and leveraging relationships within greater Wilmington is integral to ensuring a healthy and sustainable Pilot School.

Charges for the first 36 months

Charge 1: Maintain an exceptional learning experience at The Pilot School, striving to create a learning environment that embodies Pilot’s motto of “Unlocking the Potential,” one that is research-based, individualized, therapy-integrated, and intentional. Work across the curriculum with teachers and program leaders to continue to evolve the learning experience at The Pilot School.

Charge 2: Complete the strategic plan and share it with the greater Pilot School community.

Charge 3: Promote excellence and diversity within faculty and staff, motivating and nurturing a culture of professional curiosity, growth, and excellence. Work with the board to ensure resources are available to support on-going faculty and staff development.

Charge 4: Continue to operate the school from a sound financial basis. Develop plans that will balance the budget, enhance the annual giving program, and set the groundwork for future endowment fundraising.

As the Head of School and the Board work together toward seeing these charges through to fruition, their relationship is characterized by support and accountability.  The Board provides vital feedback, expertise, and advice to the Head as she works to meet the challenges and opportunities of this charge.  Simultaneously, the Head of School routinely reports to the Board regarding her progress on that work.  The partnership between Alli and the Pilot School board will be a dynamic, exciting, intellectually stimulating relationship, made possible by the common goal of all involved: providing the absolute best education for our students.  To that end, we look forward to the great future of The Pilot School.


Sam Whitaker, President of the Board of Trustees 
Alli Williams, Head of School