Faculty & Staff Directory List

Alli Williams, Head of School

Janet Luke – Development Director
Lynne Keane – Business Manager
Stacy Fennimore – Administrative Assistant
Claire Hill – Receptionist
Vincenza Pilla – Receptionist

Lower Division

Mary Elizabeth Morris, Division Leader
Stephanie Pollin
Megan Quinlan
Valerie Sheets
Nicole Symonds

Middle Division

Lauren Winchell, Division Leader
Carol Curtis
OJ Juhl
Nicole Rafferty
Deneane Platt
Elizabeth Wallace

Upper Division

Lindsay Conaway, Division Leader
Debra Deptula
Teri Lesser
Jennifer Skolfield
Susan Stewart
Kristine Volp
Lisa Walton

Therapy Staff
Paula Higgins- School Psychologist
Michael Richards – Music Therapist
Heather Rigby – Speech and Language Pathologist
Melody Stack – Occupational Therapist
Judy Voge – Physical Therapist

Support Staff

Patricia Bacon – Science Teacher
Cindi Cozza - Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Samantha Diver - Director of Outreach & Support
Amy Gorham – School Nurse
Michael Danko - Physical Education Director
Stephen Flitcraft – Information Technology Director
Kim Hoeschel – Librarian
Courtney James - Art Teacher
Marci McGee - Educational Consultant
Laura Myers - Aquatics/Classroom Assistant
Frank Vincent – Social Studies Instructor
Debbie Wilson – Reading Specialist

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