Our Campus

In November, 2016, Pilot’s dream of a new campus was realized.

Every detail of the new building and campus was intentionally designed based upon 21st century insights into how the brain learns. The members of the team — from architects to builders to site engineers and landscape professionals — understood, accepted and exceeded the challenge to create an interactive, multisensory learning environment that integrates what is happening inside and outside the building.

Lessons plans link content learned in the classroom with the virtually boundless information available through the internet and other technologies, with experiential, hands-on learning in nearby fields and streams.

Wings were built with different size hallways to better fit the children using them. Furniture was selected to move naturally with children, to improve focus and attention rather than detract from it. Rooms were designed for optimum flexibility, to engage children with novelty and to adapt to new uses and configurations as needs change and evolve. Even details such as angling exterior windows to optimize natural light and direct the eye towards the most inspirational views were carefully thought out and implemented.

A child-centered building encourages creative play and fun, inspires imagination, wonder, respect, and promotes a sense of community and belongingness. With our new campus, the transformation of our learning experience, and our students’ lives, continues to take place — every day.