Placement After Pilot

How It Works

The purpose of enrollment at Pilot School is to work toward readiness for the next learning environment that will be most appropriate. Most of our students continue their education within traditional education settings.

The process begins as a student approaches grade level achievement in academic areas, exhibits independence as a learner, and has well developed, age appropriate problem solving and coping skills; or, if the student approaches the upper age limits of our population.

In order to determine any need for ongoing support such as extended time for testing, Learning Ally, preferential seating, or therapy, etc., a psychological evaluation may be completed during the final Pilot School year. Two types of standardized testing can also be completed, and along with educational performance data that are collected by the classroom teachers, school recommendations for each child are made. Faculty members observe in area schools on a regular basis to keep current with changes in curriculum and expectations.

Pilot tracks its students as far as possible both formally and informally. The communication with former families to gather alumni information is used to strengthen programs for current student.

Ten Year Placement History